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Eddy - The Wtaer Softener Alternative
Eddy Twelve Month Money Back Warranty

No Salt - No Plumbing
Low cost eco-friendly alternative to a Water Softener

Eddy is working great! I no longer notice any scale buildup on my showerheads, and the water now makes both our skin and hair feel so much softer. It is one green technology that actually works. Thanks for a great product! Mr D.P., Versailles, Kentucky


Eddy - the No Salt Water Softener Alternative

Eddy pack contents

* The cost effective answer to hard water & lime scale

* The true water softener alternative

* One Super Hi-Power Twin Coil model

* 99% customer satisfaction over 14 years

* FCC certified interference free

* Easy DIY installation - No plumbing

* No maintenance - Fit and forget

* Complete satisfaction or your money back

* LIFETIME warranty against breakdown

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Eddy Electronic Descaler

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The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler - The U.S. homeowner's no-salt answer to hard water

The Electronic Descaler Solution - Do you live in a hard water area and suffer from lime scale on sinks, faucetts and showers? Then you need the Eddy Electronic Descaler. It does not require salt and costs a fraction of the price of a conventional salt-fed water softener.

How to purchase the Eddy scale Inhibitor? - You can purchase Eddy using our secure online ordering. Click here to order. Or of course you can call us toll-free: 1-866-615-8188. We offer an unconditional 12 month money-back warranty. Purchase the Eddy water softener alternative today!

Conventional water softeners remove the magnesium, calcium, manganese and ferrous iron compounds in hard water. These "hardness ions" have troublesome effects on our water supply. Most visibly, these ions can have a reaction with soaps, resulting in the "bathtub ring". The Presence of "hardness ions" also reduces the water's ability to clean when combined with detergents as the soap cannot lather as well. Also, calcium & magnesium carbonates often form into hard deposits settling on the surfaces of pipes and heat exchanger surfaces. This buildup can create blockages, restricting the flow of water in pipes. In your furnace, these blocks can greatly reduce the transmission of heat into your water and can cause the furnace to overheat. In severe cases the furnace may even malfunction dangerously. Ions from the solids in hard water areas can also result in galvanic corrosion, in which one metal will corrode when interracting with a different metal type, when both are in contact with an electrolyte.

The eddy Electronic Descaler Water Softener uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the effects of the calcium, magnesium and manganese ions in hard water but does not alter the chemical hardness of the water. In this way the beneficial effects of the calcium and other particulates is retained (for example, calcium has been shown in medical tests to reduce incidence of heart disease) whilst the damaging and problematic effects are greatly reduced.

Eddy is also highly economical and represents an eco-friendly alternative to conventional salt-based water softeners.

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